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CIESIN Thematic Guides: Trade Policy and Global Environmental Change In recent years the relationship between international trade and environmental policies has attracted increasing attention. CIESIN's thematic guide to international policies and instruments on trade and environment focuses on the goals and objectives of these policies.

Export An alphabetical list of federal export programs.

Eunita European Network for Information Technology in Agriculture

Farm Bill 1996

Federation of International Trade Associations
1851 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4345, USA
Tel: (703)620-1588
Fax: (703)391-0159
Nelson Joyner, Chairman
Barney Lehrer, VP Information Technology

Foreign Trade Zone Trade news, leads, forums. It also provides a trade guide about the basics of importing and exporting. Futures and options information.

International Trade Administration The International Trade Administration's mission is to help U.S. companies sell products and services abroad and support U.S. jobs at home. The ITA provides information and support services to export-related businesses that are critical to the growth of the U.S. economy.

International Trade Law Library

STAT-USA STAT-USA/Internet is the online source for business and economic information produced by the Federal Government. STAT-USA/Internet gathers the most crucial, timely business and economic information from over 50 Federal agencies and distributes from a central source. STAT-USA/Internet: a true low-cost, one-stop shop, saving you countless hours in research time.

Today's Market Prices

Tradebase Electronic Trade Information Sharing Center designed to serve as a clearinghouse to merge the vast array of trade information available from both the public and private sectors.

Global Trade Point Network Fosters greater participation in international trade in particular of small and medium-sized enterprises giving special attention to LDC's and other countries less advanced in the area of trade efficiency.

Trade Resources An information referral service for economists, attorneys, business analysts, policy makers, journalists, and others seeking information related to international trade and investment.

The Trade Zone Global trade is the focus of links on this page. They are posted here to assist individuals and businesses in their activities involving international trade.

World Trade Point Federation Its purpose is to bring together, within one working philosophy all the Trade Points established in accordance with the guidelines of the Trade Point Programme and to serve as an institutional framework for them.

World Trade Organization The WTO is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations.


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