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"NAFTA and Agriculture: Is the Experiment Working?" A Tri-National Research Symposium was held in San Antonio, Texas on November 1 and 2 at La Mansion Hotel. The Symposium was the first effort to bring together researchers from all three NAFTA countries to present, compare, and debate the results of their research on the consequences of NAFTA for North American agriculture and agribusiness. About half of the nearly 250 participants were from Mexico and Latin America. Keynote speaker Dr. Alain de Janvry provided an "early assessment" of how NAFTA has affected North American agriculture. He concluded that total and agricultural trade have performed better under NAFTA than would have been the case and that NAFTA has helped Mexico mitigate the effects of the peso crisis. The symposium featured two days of invited and selected presentations by researchers from all NAFTA countries on a wide array of NAFTA and agriculture issues. In general, U.S. and Mexican researchers agreed that the 1995 Mexican economic crisis and the poor performance of U.S. exports to Mexico that year had more to do with Mexican macroeconomic policy than NAFTA. Invited papers sessions included: In addition, 15 concurrent selected paper sessions and 60 presentations covered topics such as dairy, tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, livestock and meat, Western Hemispheric integration, rural development and employment, regional impacts, food issues, finance and inputs, general agriculture, and other agricultural products. Several dignitaries provided their respective views on NAFTA and agriculture, including U.S. Representative E. (Kika) de la Garza (D-Tex); Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for Marketing, State of Texas, Matt Brockman; Secretary of the Commission on Agriculture, Mexican House of Representatives, Eric Villanueva M.; and Mike Gifford, Director General, International Trade Policy Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The Symposium was sponsored by the Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade, the Center for North American Studies, and the Texas Agricultural Market Research Center at Texas A&M University along with the Center for Economic, Social and Technology Research on World Agriculture and Agribusiness (CIESTAAM) at the Autonomous University of Chapingo in Mexico and the Center for Business Education and Research at Purdue University.

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Conference Schedule updated October 28, 1996

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