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Noticias serves as a main information source for Mexican producers, especially those whose remote locations prevent access to regular communications media.

Exportar serves as a main information and support source for Mexican producers looking to initiate and/or expand sales into the United States and Canada.

Importar informs and supplies Mexican producers looking to improve their products via technology acquisition.

Clima provides information to aide Mexican producers' in planning tasks which may be affected by favorable or adverse weather conditions.

Compra y Venta acts as an electronic marketplace where Mexican agribusinesses can directly advertise or solicit products and services [e.g. used equipment and livestock].

Consultores provides information and support for Mexican producers looking for expertise on the production and commercialization of their products.

Créditos Agropecuarios allows Mexican producers to gain information on funding and banking services.

Enciclopedias Agricolas serves as a dynamic electronic encyclopedia.

Programas distributes software to system users.

Busqueda provides a natural-language based query into the Knowledge Gateway webworld.

Estadisticas serves statistical information about the marketplace and the utilization of our system.

Internet helps to push users into the information superhighway.